Our founder, Pete Viehman, had a dream as a young child..... to one day own an Irish Pub

The name "McGourty" is the maiden name of Pete Viehman's mother, Myrna. Up until a few years ago, she always thought the spelling was "McGirty". Myrna has done extensive ancestry searches for the Viehman's and the McGirty's, only to find out that somehow the name (McGirty) was "Americanized" and it was actually McGourty. During a trip to Ireland, she found a copy of her grandfather's birth certificate in the County Cork. Pete's great-grandfather had a pub in Steubenville, Ohio and Pete is lucky enough to have a photo of it hanging in his pub.  From what we have been able to find in research, Pete's great-great-grandfather had a pub in Ireland, so Pete sees this as carrying on the family tradition.  It's been at least 3 years in the making, but when you custom build virtually everything in the place and take great pride in doing so, it takes some time.  We hope you'll appreciate all we've done to make this a special place for our members, because we plan to be here for the long haul! 

McGourty's...Friends Gather Here!